“I couldn’t wait for disaster to arrive so I went ahead and started preparing without it.”

About me…

Let’s start with what I am, what I may be, what I was and what I’m not.

I am a married, forty year old guy with two beautiful daughters. I am a preparedness, survival and sustainability enthusiast with an unquenchable thirst for information and skills. I work a fairly typical job providing online digital content marketing for celebrities and faith based organizations.

I may be an expert at something, sport a good sense of humor, and maintain a few skills in the bag that I can share to help others in their preparedness.

I was an EMT-Paramedic for several years in a large city.

I’m not a survival expert and I will never be finished learning.

What Changed?

Thoughts on what I’ve learned and what could happen.

I spent the first 38 years in North Carolina where I learned the value of human kindness and authenticity. After a string of entrepreneurial adventures, my wife and I decided on ‘settling down’ for a while. I landed a job opportunity in South Florida in online marketing. We made it down without a problem, but settling in South Florida would turn out to be a tough gig following our big move.

It started with the daily commute: 1 hour south to Fort Lauderdale and north again by evening. If you haven’t visited before, the flavor is international. People from around the globe convene here for the weather, the water and the vibe.

During my routine trek I’d listen to podcasts to ease the stress of the drive. I’m fairly certain I was the only one because sun or rain, day or night, folks down here move fast. The speed of things worried me. After-all, why move to paradise and be in a rush? It just didn’t make sense. I remember saying to myself ‘if people act like this when things are normal, how will they be when things aren’t?”

‘if people act like this when things are normal, how will they be when things aren’t?”

I thrive on keeping up with the news and I frequently tune into ‘alternative’ sources for balance. Thus, I knew American leadership was making disastrous decisions economically, militarily and strategically around the world. Why had our nation decided to wreck a stable system? America abandoned tradition and it felt nothing like it had a mere 25 years before. We had been turned upside down in politics, entertainment, finances, currency, regulation, family degradation, religious freedoms, constitutional rights, disaster response, healthcare, socialized benefits, immigration, ad nausea. Our system was and still is on life support.

My experience as a paramedic had taught me that you can never be completely prepared for the chaos of emergency…but diligence should allow you to survive.

I was determined to preserve my family and make sure they’d have the best tools, skills and supplies I could provide. We’d make it as a family. It was a tall order. After all, we can’t all run into the woods and notch out a living, at least not yet. I could no longer bare the heartache of my own complacency:  Having to face my children someday after a disaster and say, ‘sorry kids, daddy didn’t plan and there’s nothing to eat.’ If you have kids you already know the lengths you’d go to before allowing your children to suffer from hunger, thirst or illness. It’s something only parents can fully grasp.

Why Home Grown Prepper?

That’s it: My worry had turned into determination.

Whatever the motivation, the point is to get started.

Famous American poet Ralph Waldo Emerson once said that “what you do speaks so loudly that I cannot hear what you say.”

The United States of America has never been in greater peril. We don’t have time to wait around and debate. If it’s not obvious to you, I understand. The news no longer acts as a public service. If decisions handed down by the courts no longer punish people in power for wrong doing, if political promises go unfulfilled, if laws get passed that don’t serve the American people and life just seems to be getting harder for all of us, there’s only one reason; corruption. It’s never wrong to do the right thing, so what’s happening?

The writing is on the wall and the clock is nearing twelve for the hour of reckoning. Your guess is as good as mine as to how that looks, but based on historical precedents set by nations past and some currently, it doesn’t look good.

My journey into preparedness wouldn’t have been complete as an emergency measure alone. 

Once emergencies pass, there will be those left to do the rebuilding, and truth seeking. Life will carry on.

The question is, do you want to be part of it? I do.

It’s for that reason, that I decided to build focus around sustainability and to get to that point requires preparedness and some critical survival skills. We’re not talking about bush craft. I find outdoor survival techniques extremely important. However the goal will be to rebuild a meaningful life. What will that look like? Those are questions we have to answer for ourselves.

My hope is that you’ll be inspired to join me in my weekly blog and other material I present online.

My goal is for you to learn and build your own community. The more of us there are, the better our chances are of preventing a large scale humanitarian crisis. It’s time to get to work now.

Feel free to join me by subscribing to my blog below and good luck on your prepping journey!


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