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I'm the Home Grown Prepper and I'm here to share my successes and my failures in preparing for survival and sustainability. If you're new to preparation, survival and sustainability, this is where to begin.

My concern is: If people act like this when things are normal, how will they act when things aren't? Preparation is peace of mind and getting started is a decision you'll never regret.

Who is the Home Grown Prepper?

We may have more in common than you realize:

If you’re motivated to take control of your future and the safety and prosperity of your family’s future, building a sustainable life is the answer. Visit my About page and discover my journey into preparedness.

Looking for a way to connect? Message me by clicking here and help build our online community of smart minded folks seeking old world survival skills and knowledge in an uncertain future.

Want advice on being prepared and sustainable?


Commit to learning one thing a day …

Find feature articles published weekly with a range of topics covering preparedness, mindset, survival, sustainable living, skills, tactics, tools and guests bloggers. 

If you don’t have time to stop by, simply subscribe and get the latest articles in your inbox. I love my community of enthusiastic learners and the best way to get started is just to GET STARTED. 

What about simple step by step survival?


That’s a great question. Let’s see if I can answer it:

I put together the Survival 101 ultimate list page to tackle the tough questions giving beginners headaches.

Learn about critical skills, essential products, insightful blog topics, videos and advice from some of the most trained experts in the world. Ok, that last one is a work in progress: They’re out there and I’m always looking for more contributors. 

Looking for others to team up with?

Friends Of The Show

I’m building an online community and looking for leaders?

Our network is one of the most critical parts of our planning. Don’t be afraid to meet others and talk about your preps, training and useful resources. 

When we stick together, we learn together and grow together. It all starts with our Prepper Network.  

Tired of irrelevant news from the MSM?


Discover some of my favorite sites for news and information:

Being prepared is all about having the right skills and information to make informed decisions.

The ‘Main Stream Media’ has never been less trustworthy than it is today and enthusiasts like you and I need real news so we can make real plans.

Uncover informative blogs, preparedness and survival courses I dig and other experts I respect by visiting my News Resources page.

I like to read: How do I know which books to buy?


When it comes to online purchases, reviews count!

I don’t believe in purchased reviews. Nope, not here! I prefer reading everything I recommend and if I haven’t read it, I’ll let you know. I rate books on a 5 star system that includes:

  • Agree with Amazon.com
  • ‘Must have’ critical knowledge
  • Page turner
  • Easy to read
  • Recommend to others

I also dig book recommendations. Feel free to send me suggestions or request a review for a book you’re publishing. I’m glad to help where I can.

Want some help finding the best supplies and gear?


Sifting through thousands of products online is overwhelming.

Preparedness is a game of efficiency: When you’re inspired to improve your odds of survival, you want to get to the meat on the bone.

I designed the “Shop” page with efficiency in mind. Get the list, do your own research and move forward with what you need. I believe in the products I share because I’ve purchased, tested and like each one. That’s it! 


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